World War A... (What if Aliens attack Earth?)


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People should know what to do if aliens attack. We have been sending welcoming messages into space for 110 years, through broadcasts of terrestrial radio and television. These transmissions have been traveling at the speed of light, in an ever-expanding sphere, the radius of which measures 110 light years. Our signals have already washed over more than 500 neighboring stars. What will first contact look like, and how should the people of Earth prepare for it?

Not long after today's astronomers began searching for planets around distant stars, they soon realized that every star is surrounded by planetary bodies of many varieties. One of the most common types of these exoplanets, is similar to Earth in size and composition and orbit, inside the fertile zone, which is neither too hot, nor too cold, but just right for the incubation of life. The nearest known exoplanet is Proxima Centauri B, only four light-years from Earth, in orbit around the star that is the nearest of our neighbors.

Our planet may not yet have been noticed by the nearest intelligent beings. We may have been heard or seen, but the alien race may be either unable, or unwilling to establish contact. Alien emmisaries may already be on their way to Earth... or they may already be here.

The United States military devised a protocol for approaching a newly discovered exoplanet, which is already occupied by an intelligent race. Surveillance would be followed by brief landings in isolated areas, to obtain plant and animal specimens, and to examine specimens of the intelligent beings themselves. Tentative approaches would be made, with our ships entering the alien atmosphere for short periods of time, with the intention of being seen by the largest number of inhabitants. The last phase would be to disclose our existence to the populace.

But what if they find us before we find them? What if they are hostile? In case of invasion by aliens, if you are prepared with supplies, stay in your home. But be ready to escape in an emergency, by knowing your potential evacuation routes, beforehand.

The targets of the attack will most likely be population centers. If you happen to be in a large city, you should leave in a hurry. A wilderness area would be an ideal destination, but if you are not prepared to go camping, at least travel to a smaller town. If along the way you must hide indoors, be sure that place has a separate exit, because you do not want to be trapped.

Never expose yourself intentionally. Do not go toward the spaceships. Do not approach the military, even if they are the troops of your own country. A soldier may fire his weapon at you by mistake, or he may have been ordered to shoot anything that moves. If you see a roving band of survivors, hide yourself immediately. They may be thieves, ready to take all your supplies, or they may prefer to eliminate any competition, such as yourself.

The best way to live through an alien invasion, is to be prepared for one. Water will be the mostn important item on your shopping list. Set aside fresh water supplies. Purchase a filter, for purification of water having unknown contaminants. Include soap. Bad hygiene leads to disease. Keep an evacuation kit in your car, in case you get stuck somewhere, or you have to make a very quick exit. Stockpile any medication you may need, against the day when medicine is no longer available at the corner pharmacy.

Get yourself some NBC gear. NBC was a United States military term, standing for nuclear, biological, or chemical threat. From face mask to respirator, from dosimeter to geiger counter, and from raincoat to hazmat suit, if you are not already prepared, this could be your last chance. NBC gear might may also protect you, from defensive measures taken by your own military, which are meant to be inflicted only upon the enemy from another world.





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