What is a Dogman?


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What is a Dogman? The states which border the great Lake Michigan, report the highest number of sightings of this creature, said to have the head of a canine, and the body of a man, or at least a body able to walk upright, covered in fur. It stands seven feet in height, with cold blue eyes, eyes which have also been seen, glowing amber in the night.

Long before North American lands were settled by Europeans, the Chippewa Indians were familiar with a creature they called, "the long dog." Their intimate knowledge of its nature, included a description of its teeth, which they said were sharp as a knife, as well as the smell of its breath, which was like sulfur, or rotten eggs. The Indians believed the long dog was a part of a shapeshifting tribe of skinwalkers, a menagerie, whose tribal members got stuck, between their animal and human forms.

The first sighting, by people who were not natives, was recorded in the year 1887. Two lumberjacks, in Wexford County Michigan, observed an animal in the woods which they thought to be a canine. Out of their desire to feed the lonely beast, they followed it, deep into the forest. To escape them, the animal crawled inside a hollow log. One of the men broke a branch off a nearby tree, thrusting it into the hollow cavity. From the other end of the log, the creature emerged, screaming in a high-pitched voice voice, like that of a child. Then it stood up, on two legs. It had a man's body, and the head of a hound. The burly lumberjacks ran away.

In Wisconsin it is known as the Beast of Bray Road. On this rural road, outside of Elkhorn, in 1936, Mark Schackelman reported a chilling nocturnal encounter. As he was driving on a moonless night, he spotted a suspicious figure, which was digging up an old Indian mound. He believed it his civic duty to confront the vandal. As he approached he could see that the creature was covered with hair, and it was standing erect, at a height of more than six feet. Its face had a dog muzzle. Its hands looked deformed, because the thumb was bent at the wrong angle. Schackelman said, he heard the dogman speak a single word, "gadara", which was barely more than a growl. Schackelman backed away, and the beast took flight.

In 2001, in rural Illinois, Shelby Dee was awoken at about four o'clock in the morning, by the whimpering of his dog. This made Shelby uneasy. Looking out the window, he threw on the flood lights that covered his back yard. Seventy five feet away, he saw a thing like a cross between a man and a dog, standing upright, and looking straight at him, as he stared back, from his window. Its shoulders were broad, and well muscled. The canine head was so massive, that its body leaned forward, in a stooping posture. For what seemed like an eternity, the Dogman's eyes were locked on Shelby. Then it turned away, walking into a cornfield. The corn stalks were at about 8 feet in height at that time of year, and Shelby could still see the creature's head, as it moved away through the field.

An attack by a Dogman may have been captured by OnStar, in 2006. A man driving in the township of Troy in Michigan was receiving over OnStar, navigation assistance from a live operator, when he cried out. He said he was seeing a very large dog, standing on two legs in the middle of the road. After swerving to avoid it, he ended up rolling his vehicle. The whole conversation and the accident was recorded by OnStar, and shortly that recording spread like wildfire, over the Internet.

It was 1987 when Steve Cook, a disc jockey at WTCM in Traverse City, Michigan, recorded a novelty song about the Dogman, and played it on his radio station. Listeners began to phone in, reporting their own encounters with the same creature. The switchboard at the station was flooded with calls.



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