Weirdest Disney Conspiracies of All Time


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Disney conspiracies seem to be a natural companion of the "family-friendly" corporate powerhouse. The Walt Disney Company does not care if the public suspects that all Pixar movies take place in the same universe. However there are darker rumors. Should these be true, it would change the world's opinion forever of this Mickey Mouse company.

Disney's recent animated tale of the South Pacific, Moana, is in reality a cleverly-disguised propaganda film, advancing the doctrine of climate change. Environmental disaster strikes on the big island. Moana's home is threatened by "Te Ka", an angry creature of fire which represents global warming. The coconuts are infested with rot, and the other food crops are dying. More than once, Moana admits that her quest is not only to rescue the island, but also to save the world. The real message is hidden in the video. If global warming is allowed to continue unchecked, the Pacific islands will sink beneath the sea, joining lost Atlantis. ABC News reported: this movie had one of the most lucrative Thanksgiving openings of all time. Full disclosure: the ABC television network is owned by Disney.

In Disney amusement parks certain structures are rendered invisible to the casual observer by two special colors of paint. The corporation uses a repellent olive-colored shade, which they call "Go Away Green", and
the dullest of charcoal washes, known as the "Unseeable Gray"
, designed to blend into surroundings, so the eyes of guests will be averted. This paint is used not only to disguise barricades against public traffic, and utility sheds holding gardening tools, but also to hide the door of the entrance to Club 33. Club 33 is a secret retreat inside Disneyland, frequented by celebrities such as Tom Hanks and Elton John. When Walt Disney was still alive, it was used for a Masonic Lodge. Walt himself was a member of the Freemasons, and Club 33 was used to advance the agenda of the Illuminati, in its quest for the New World Order.

The Pixar classic "Toy Story 3", is actually a movie about the Holocaust of World War II. In the computer animated movie, Andy is leaving his toys behind and heading for college, just as the Jews were left behind in Europe, where few were there to help them escape the spreading cancer of National Socialism. The toys had a chance to be saved, when they were headed for the attic, just like Anne Frank of the Netherlands. In an oversight, the playthings are donated to Sunnyside children's nursery, representing an internment camp.

When they are no longer useful, the exiles are dumped at a landfill, where they find themselves on a conveyor belt, holding hands, on their way to an incinerator. Their rescue at the last minute by friendly aliens, recalls the liberation by Allied military forces. Finally, when Andy hands down his toys to young Bonnie, the equivalent of Israel is Bonnie's room, where according to the script of the movie, many others of their kind already live, establishing a foothold.

The animated feature Aladdin did not take place in the distant past. It is set in the far future, after a nuclear apocalypse. Were it set in the past, the Genie would not have been able to impersonate actors from movies and televison... which he did. The Genie describes his clothing as being straight out of the third century B.C., but one must add to that, the ten thousand years he was confined inside the magic lamp. Atomic war was responsible for transforming the world into one large desert, and the "flying carpet" was merely advanced technology that had been stored for safekeeping, in what is called the "Cave of Wonders".

The corporate logo of the Disney company, in the view of experts in symbology, contains signs of the occult. Walt Disney's own signature contains three sixes, and the children's film logo features a castle made up of nine layers, having nine pointed peaks, and bearing six flags. Now, you know the number of the beast.

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