Weirdest Cursed Objects on Earth


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The weirdest cursed objects on earth, are revealed in this rare collection. To the list of dolls with which not to play... haunted dolls, such as Robert, or Annabelle, one may wish to add, the "Elmo Knows Your Name" doll. Following a change of batteries, in a Fisher Price toy, that Melissa Boland had purchased for her son James, the beloved sesame street character, would now threaten the well-being of her toddler.

Ayers Rock in Australia, may be the largest haunted object in the world. The Aborigines, who consider the site sacred, appeal to visitors, not to pilfer any souvenirs, from the monolith they call Uluru, which is the family name, of the traditional owners. Stones, taken from the base of the sandstone rock, routinely return by mail, to the Aboriginal custodians, because the tourists who brought them home, have been cursed with nothing but bad luck.

One or more packages are received by post every day, by national park rangers, usually accompanied by letters of apology, of which about twenty five percent go into the details of personal tragedy. Most of the rocks are small, but a family from Russia posted back a twenty pound boulder by airmail, and a young Australian couple returned a slab, weighing in excess of seventy pounds. There remains a small percentage, who continue to lack respect, for the landmark known as the "heart of Australia", which is now officially named "Uluru". "This is nonsense," said one souvenir hunter. "I have had a piece of Ayers rock for years, and I'm the happiest man I know." One week later, this man found himself hospitalized, on a ventilator.

Ed Gein, also known as The Butcher of Plainfield, Wisconsin, was a body snatcher. He dug up remains from local graveyards. Ed Geen's crimes, were the inspiration for several boogeyman characters of the horror movies, such as "Leatherface", who wielded the "Texas Chain Saw", and Norman Bates of "Psycho". After his sentencing and the seizure of his property, all his belongings were sold off to the public. That is when Dan McIntyre's grandmother purchased Ed Gein's cauldron. Grandma McIntyre was planning to use the large iron vat as a planter, but it ended just taking up space in her garage. Family friend, Hollis Brown, who one day caught sight of the cauldron, was horrified to realize he had seen it before, when he was helping the police, to clean out one of the sheds, on Gein's farm. According to Hollis, it had contained human remains.

Dan McIntyre saw to it, that his grandmother's iron vat would be put up for auction for the second time. However after he disturbed the large pot, by moving it with his own hands, he felt he had woken a dark energy. Whenever he neared the cauldron, he would feel uneasy... dizzy and anxious. Inside his grandmother's house, at some distance from the object, the radio and the television set, began to turn themselves on and off, at random intervals. Within days, Danial came down with symptoms, like those of a hard flu, but his doctors, could not diagnose the mystery illness. These phenomenon disappeared, after the cauldron was sold, to Zak Bagans, host of the television series, "Ghost Adventures".

From the fabled mines of India, near the town of Golconda, came the Sancy. This pale yellow diamond, weighing 55 carats, has carried a curse for over five hundred years. The first owner, Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, died in battle, a young man. Ownership of the stone passed to his cousin, King Manuel of Portugal, after which Portugal was attacked by the Spanish.

It is said that Manuel's grandson and heir to the throne, Antonio, was cheated in his sale of the diamond, to the Lord of Sancy. The courier charged with the diamond's delivery, was waylaid en route by highwaymen. Before he was slaughtered, he swallowed the stone. The Lord of Sancy was convinced that his messenger had been faithful to him. After exhumation of the courier's body, the cursed diamond, was recovered from his stomach.





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