UFOs in Brazil (ET Incident at Varginha)


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In an incident people are calling, "the Brazilian Roswell", as many as six extraterrestrials were said to have been encountered and/or captured, on the heels of a massive number of UFO sightings in Brazil. This is the true story of the Incident at Varginha.

On January 20th, 1996, the Brazilian town of Varginha, was the center of a flood of UFO sightings, which started with a report from a local farmer and his wife. Eurico and Oralina de Freitas were rudely awakened at one o'clock in the morning, by the sound of their frightened cows. Oralina looked out the window to see their cattle stampeding, in response to a UFO, moving above over the pasture. It was gray, and venting smoke. Her husband Eurico saw it as well. He says it was the size of the bus, and it continued to descend until it hovered only five feet above the field. Half an hour later, it flew away.

Brazilian radar detected as many as forty unidentified objects, over the heart of the country, some of which were captured on video by the public. When one of them crash-landed in the woods, it started a blaze, which became the responsibility of the Varginha fire department. When they arrived on site, the firemen were surprised to find military personnel already there. The sound of gunshots was followed by soldiers emerging from the woods. They bore two large bags, of which one held something still moving. The bags were loaded onto a military truck.

In the afternoon two teenage girls, Liliane and Val de Silva, were walking home with another young woman, Katia Xavier, a family friend who just got out of work. They took a shortcut through a part of town, which was uninhabited rubble. When the girls saw a creature huddled against a brick wall, Katia screamed. They said it had red eyes and brown skin, which was glistening as if oiled. It had visibly raised veins on its arms, and on its head were three horns. It looked like it was suffering, and when the girls ran, it did not follow.

Liliane told her mother, she had seen the devil. Katia, and the mother of the young girls, returned immediately to the brick wall. They found nothing, except for a lingering smell of ammonia, an odor so strong that it brought tears to their eyes.

After running in front of a patrol car, one of the extraterrestrials was said to have been captured, by a policeman using his bare hands. The policeman's name was Marco Chereze. He was twenty-three years old, and in excellent physical shape. He put the creature in the back seat of the car. Its breathing, which was labored, sounded like the buzzing of a bee hive. The cops drove to a health clinic, seeking medical help for the injured creature. The clinic turned them away, but the city hospital did not. According to eyewitnesses at the hospital, the unworldly being could not be saved, by doctors in the emergency room.

The next month in the city zoo, one of the alien creatures was seen lurking. This was followed by misfortune at the zoo, when several animals got sick... a deer, a llama, and an ocelot came down with the same symptoms, as if they were exposed to the same pathogen, even though they were different species living in widely separated habitats.

The authorities were said to have been warned about the UFOs by the United States government, because NORAD was tracking their entry over Brazil. After the incident, alien bodies were allegedly flown to the U.S., aboard an unmarked transport plane.

Marco Chereze, the policeman who came into direct contact with the skin, of one of the extraterrestrials, also fell ill. His doctors could not agree on a diagnosis. The illness would not respond to antibiotics. Medical testing returned the result that eight percent of his blood, consisted of unknown toxic substances.



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