Time Travel Tunnel in Italy


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Proof of the existence of a time travel tunnel in Italy begins with the disappearance of members of the richest families of Rome. It was first reported in the Italian press, but was soon overshadowed by reports of the natural disaster which followed. A volcanic eruption of Mount Etna on the island of Sicily, released a lava flow one mile wide, and four feet deep. The molten rock destroyed the homes of twenty thousand inhabitants.

Zanetti Trasporti was an Italian locomotive builder, offering to serve wealthy travelers with a luxury railcar of modern design. On July 14th, 1911, on tracks at the Roma Termini train station, a steam engine was coupled to three prototypes of the new railcar, awaiting the upper class passengers with buckets of champagne. To advertise the luxury railcar, local socialites and wealthy businessmen were given on that day, a free ride. The passenger list was limited to one hundred privileged guests. The crew consisted of six men.

Before entering a tunnel through one of the Lombardy mountains, the train reduced its speed to a crawl. The passengers could see the reason for this through the windows. The entrance to the tunnel was filled with a white mist, so thick that it looked like milk, spilling from the subterranean passage. Two of the Italians, one passenger and one of the crew, were so disturbed by this sight, and filled with such dread, that they opened one of the railcar doors, and jumped from the train.

The train was swallowed by the mist and the mountain. It never arrived at its destination. The following search of the tunnel found no part of the locomotive and its three carriages. Influence by the wealthiest families of Rome, resulted in the southern entrance of the tunnel being sealed with bricks. Six other railway tunnels provided alternate passage through the Lombardy mountain range. With a reputation in ruins, Zanetti Trasporti went bankrupt. During World War II, as the result of Allied bombing, the other entrance to the tunnel, was closed by falling rocks.

The train did not appear again... until 1955, in the Crimea. Peter Puteyny, a signalman working near the city of Balaklava, witnessed a primitive steam train running along an embankment which had once held railway tracks. Chickens which were feeding on the hill, bounced off the front of the locomotive. Large yellow Italian lettering on the sides of the three carriages, was reminiscent of the Zanetti luxury cars. The cars moved slowly, as if the engineer was having difficulty seeing ahead. Puteyny got a good look at the engineer, who was wearing an outdated shirt, with a white collar attached by buttons.

Beginning in 1991, paranormal researcher Nikolai Cherkashin hunted historical records for other possible appearances of the train. A Medieval manuscript, discovered at the San Pietro monastery of Modena in Italy, records an apparition from the year 1476, consisting of four large iron carriages in a row, of which the first supported a black pipe, belching smoke, or steam. Benedictine monks, working at the construction of a church adjacent to the Abbey, observed passengers, looking out of their windows, appearing just as frightened as the Benedictines themselves. Naturally, the Catholic brotherhood concluded the accursed souls were on their way to Hades.

The journal of the 19th century Mexican psychiatrist Jose Saxino, contains a peculiar paragraph dated 1845, concerning 104 of his patients. They were a group of Italians, who had wandered into Mexico City. They all said they just arrived on a train from Rome.

Before the Zanetti luxury line disappeared again, the passengers and remaining crew had escaped with their lives. Unfortunately, in Mexico, all the survivors were involuntarily committed, to the first psychiatric facility in the Americas, San Hipólito, where according to hospital records, they stayed for the remainder of their lives.



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