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When it comes to extraterrestrial movies, They Live, based on a true story, is not what it appears to be, on the surface. What are its symbols, and what do those symbols reveal?

When Roddy Piper was still alive, he revealed through Twitter that John Carpenter's science fiction classic, "They Live", a movie in which Roddy played the leading role, was not a piece of fiction, but instead a documentary.

John Carpenter never expected his movie to open in the number one position at theaters in 1988, a few days before actor Ronald Reagan ended his tenure as president. In the film, control of the media is used by aliens, to assume political power and subdue the human race. Even as "They Live" was beginning to educate the public, a conspiracy arose among theater owners to limit screenings of the movie, prematurely ending its distribution.

Rowdy Roddy Piper, a professional wrestler with the World Wrestling Federation, plays the role of Nada, a homeless drifter, in this best of all extraterrestrial movies. As the film opens, Nada's attention is captured by a blind street preacher, who is delivering a sermon in a public park, about they who have recruited the rich and the powerful, they who are our masters. As the police arrive to silence the preacher, Nada leaves to avoid the fate of people who protest against the people in power.

Nada takes shelter at a shantytown, where he hears a pirate broadcast from the human resistance. The broadcaster warns about they who are dismantling the middle class... they who are making more people poor. By means of a special transmitter, they are changing the consciousness of the people, to a conditon resembling sleep. Across the street from the shantytown, inside a chapel sometimes used as a meeting place for the resistance, there is a warning painted on the wall... they live, we sleep. This church is where Nada finds a special pair of sunglasses, which block the alien transmission, allowing him to see the truth.

Now he can clearly see the subliminal messages, normally hidden in media and advertising. Billboards command the people to obey authority. Products bear labels demanding consumption. Currency visibly shows itself to be the root of all evil. For the first time he sees the masters, the class elite, the one percent, the ones who run the economy, the ones who own the property. The masters are the Illuminati, as indicated by their brightly reflective eyes.

In the same year that saw the birth of the United States, 1776, the secret society of the Illimunati was founded in Bavaria, before Bavaria became part of Germany. Protestant Christians were actively recruited to join, but they rejected Jews, pagans, and Catholics. Paradoxically, their first principle was the rejection of religion. By lurking in the shadows and pulling the strings of influence, instigating pivotal events, and planting agents in government and business, they intended to gain political power and control, and ultimately establish a new world order.

In the greatest of extraterrestrial movies, "They Live" the Illuminati have also infiltrated the ranks of our police force. Anyone who does not obey, is brutally repressed. It is no accident, that this is reminiscent of law enforcement today.

Nada decides to fight the Illuminati. He infiltrates the secret lair of the enemy. Their control of the media is maintained, by the transmission of a sleep signal through television. This brings to mind those present day news programs and talk shows, on radio and TV, which advocate a biased political agenda.

Nada discovers collaborators who aid and abet the Illuminati, in exchange for money and power. At the end of the film, Nada destroys the alien transmitter, and when the signal is terminated, the public too is suddenly able to see the alien faces of the overlords. Actually it is the movie itself, which is intended to awaken its audience, to the presence and the intentions, of the Illuminati among us.





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