The Truth Behind Crop Circles (Documentary)


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What is the truth behind crop circles? Documentary evidence suggests that those circles which are man-made, are but a poor reproduction of natural phenomena. The true crop circle has several characterstics, which cannot be duplicated by man. What might be the purpose of these enormous cryptic signs? The answer may surprise you.

Crop circles are not new. They may be as old as the human race. From sin city, Las Vegas, Nevada, it is but an hour and a half journey by automobile, to the pre-historic rock art, of Black Canyon. In an archaeological survey commissioned by the U.S. fish and wildlife service, petroglyphs with a distinctive circular geometry, were recorded in the midst of others which represent ancient agriculture. These four thousand year-old carvings in the rock face, may indicate signs received from the gods.

Twelve years after the great fire of London, an English woodcut pamphlet was published, entitled strange news out of Hartford-shire. This publication from 1678 includes an illustration of a strange phenomenon attributed to the "mowing devil". Although the art is crude, it could be the first printed depiction of a crop circle. The pamphlet relates the testimony of a farmer, who claims the circle appeared overnight in a field of oats, and that it could not have been made by the hand of man, but appeared to be fashioned either by the devil himself, or by some other infernal minion.

The science journal of Nature has been published continuously for more than a century. In one volume from 1880, can be found a letter to the editor, given the title "storm effects", in which J. Rand Capron relates an anomaly which occured on his neighbor's farm in Surrey. After a summer rainstorm, a field of standing wheat, exhibited stalks which had been flattened to form circles, while the rest of the grain stood undisturbed. When the field was observed from a distance, the circles appeared to form a pattern. Capron sent also a diagram of this pattern to the journal, but his sketch was not published.

In 1996 in Scotland, was captured the only known photographic record of the formation of a crop circle. John Wabe was camping overnight, on the site of an ancient hill fort, called Oliver’s [OLIVER] Castle. When he awoke to observe balls of light, hovering over a distant pasture, he grabbed his video camera. Filming while still lying prone inside his sleeping bag, he recorded on tape the controversial footage.

Modern media began to report the occurence of crop circles in the 1970's. Today the true nature of these incidents has been narrowed down by New Age experts to a small number of possibilities. Our own distant ancestors, using advanced technology, may have prepared these symbols to appear when triggered by our need for them. Alternately, the symbols may originate from our descendants, in the distant future, to guide us in our historical development. Or these may be the subconscious manifestations of advanced souls who are living today, through the mind-over-matter power of telekinesis, which form these crop patterns with the purpose of inspiring the rest of humanity.

In 1991, two Englishmen, Doug Bower and Dave Chorley, attempted to claim responsibility for every crop circle found in Britain since 1976. After drinking in the pub on Fridays, they were supposedly motivated to work in the fields, flattening crops with wooden planks.

Bower and Chorley went so far as to demonstrate their technique on television. However their labors consistently broke the stems of the stalks underfoot. The stems of true crop circles are bent, not broken, so the grain continues to grow as it lies on the ground. Additionally, the real phenomena are often associated with electromagnetic variations, over the disturbed farmland.





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