The Real No-End House


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This is the story of the real no end house. People say that every gory urban legend has its basis in fact, and the no end house, is one of those true legends. It was originally known as the Nolan house, because the Nolan family is the last known owner. It is located in the suburbs of Columbus, Georgia, and the Nolan family claims they have no knowledge, of how it later earned its reputation for evil.

Dieter Hister was addicted to playing video games on his Xbox. But this story is about his friend, Michael Ng. They were friends in school, even though Dieter quit school two days before graduation day. Dieter would send to Mike a Christmas card, every year. However on the day after Christmas in 2015, Michael received from Dieter only a one page letter.

"Dear Mike," it said. "Are you still looking for a job?" Dieter wrote him about the old Nolan house, which had been abandoned for more than a year. "After you go in the front door," the Xbox addict wrote, "if you can get through three rooms, and leave through the back door, you get three hundred dollars." It sounded too fantastic for Michael to believe... but he really was looking for work.

That is why he stood at the front door of the Nolan house, feeling like a complete idiot. All of the windows were dark. Many of the glass panes were broken. The uneasy feeling in his stomach, dissipated entirely, when he opened the door and entered the front room. Then he laughed.

The room was festooned with very inexpensive halloween decorations... black cardboard cats, orange accordion pumpkins, and a black plastic witch's cauldron. Nobody was home, but there was a handwritten sign on the next door. It said, "Second room, this way. If you reach the back door, you win." He twisted the knob, and stepped through, somehow finding himself outside the house, and standing again at the front door. Although this was puzzling, he had another concern. How was he to earn the money, if there was only one room? He tried to get back in, but the front door was locked.

But he felt relieved. It seemed to be an elaborate joke. A hot shower would eliminate his stress, at home. But when Michael unlocked his apartment, he found it had been vandalized... not all of it... just his Playstation. His gaming console was in bits and plastic pieces, all over the floor, as if some one had used a hammer on it. It would cost him more than three hundred dollars to replace it.

That's when Michael noticed a door inside his home, which he had never seen before, and it bore the numeral two. He was in his apartment, but he was still inside the Nolan house. Then his phone rang. "Do not go through the door," he heard Dieter say. Mike answered, "Did you break my PlayStation!"

"They made me do it," responded his former friend. "I found a note. It said they would let me go!" Michael was angry. He hung up the phone. He threw open the new door, and walked in. Only then did he realize, he was back inside the room at the Nolan house. The halloween decorations were gone. Instead there was a small table in the middle of the room. Sitting on the table was a large, pointed kitchen knife... and a note. The note said, "Cut the brakes, and you will see, the door that leads to room number three."

Once he was outside the no end house again, he saw Dieter Hister's old car, parked on the street... no Dieter... just his Volkswagon. Michael felt the greatest pleasure, in crawling under the German automobile, and using the kitchen knife like a saw, to cut through the brake line. It felt so good that he cut through it in more than once place. In fact, he lost count, and at some point, darkness closed in, and he lost consciousness.

When he came to, again inside the Nolan house, he picked hmself up from the floor. The table now had only an envelope, which held three fresh one hundred dollar bills. Dieter's jalopy was gone from the street.

Michael never heard again from his ex-friend... never heard anything about him in the news, either. In fact he never thought about his former friend Dieter any more... until one day after work. He arrived home to his apartment, to find that a small number three had been etched into the wood of his front door, as if by the point of a kitchen knife.





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