The "M-Cave" Found by Kenny Veach


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Kenny Veach posted a comment on Youtube, claiming to have found a mysterious cave in Nevada. Visitors replying to his comment were soon demanding evidence. In exploring a desert like the face of the moon, Kenny was fond of pushing his endurance to the limit. Was it this personality trait that led to his disappearance, or did he succeed in finding the M-Cave, and lose himself, within the bowels of the earth.

On June 30, 2014, Kenny Veach saw a YouTube video featuring Paul H. Utz, the son of an Area 51 Technician. Paul claimed that his father was involved in testing a revolutionary organic energy source, in the Nevada desert. The organic matrix of the power plant was suspected of being alive, and intelligent. Veteran hiker Kenny Veach considered that desert his home turf.

Kenny left a reply which said, this revelation meant nothing, compared with a discovery he had made himself, while hiking in the vicinity of Nellis Air Force Base. He said he found a hidden cave. It's entrance was shaped like a perfect capital letter "M". As he approached it, he recounted, his whole body began to vibrate. The closer he got to the entrance, the stronger the vibration became. Because he was armed only with a survival knife, he thought it best not to enter the cave.

Kenny Veach was 46 years old, and ruggedly handsome, however he was unprepared for the backlash in the YouTube comment section. He was accused of being a liar. He decided to provide the only proof respected on YouTube... a video of the mystery cave. Equipped with a camera and a small firearm, he returned to the canyon. He saw plenty of wildlife, but failed to re-locate the cave.

The last comment ever posted on YouTube by Kenny Veach was to announce his impending third hike, into the canyon. He invited people to join him. Nobody did. He has been missing since November 10, 2014. Volunteers searched for him in the Sheep Mountains, where his cell phone was found, sitting on a rock, near the site of an old mine. While no tracks were found leading away from the site, there was also no trace of him inside the mine.

Kenny Veach was an extreme hiker. He refused to carry a GPS tracker, or even a simple compass. To test his endurance, he would bring less food and water, than he would need. The wilderness would often lead him on such long hikes, that his toes would turn black and blue. One might call Kenny a "high-risk hiker", who ran out of luck. To others, his long experience, meant he could only have been the victim of foul play. Perhaps he crossed paths with armed smugglers.

Kenny was rumored to have had financial problems. He uploaded one video trying sell his inventions, and another trying to sell his house. One theory holds that he left his phone behind intentionally, walking out of the desert, to assume a new identity. But according to his family, he would never abandon his adult daughter.

His girlfriend Shery has been quoted online, as saying that, although Kenny was full of life and seemed optimistic, he may have suffered from depression. She believed he might have been avoiding, taking his medication. Reportedly Kenny's father checked out, when Kenny was 20 years old. He told Shery, if he ever decided to go that way himself, no one would ever find evidence of his remains.

But there is another possibility... that Kenny found the mystery cave. He bravely entered its dark interior. And then the presence, which had initially warned him away, made itself known to Kenny Veach, ensuring that never again, would he see the light of day.





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