The Godskin (A Hidden Teaching of Adam and Eve)


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The Godskin, or the hidden teaching of Adam and Eve, as it is known to biblical researchers, is found between the lines of the bible. This is evidence of a holy relic, on the existence of which, the church has remained silent. It is described in the old testament, in several places in the book of Genesis, and in the noncanonical books of Jasher, Enoch and Noah.

"And the god Jehovah made for Adam, and for his wife garments made of skin, dressing them in these clothes." (Genesis chapter three, verse twenty-one) The first clothing worn by Adam and Eve, to protect them, from the world outside the Garden of Eden, was personally tailored for them by god's own hand. Before the chalice, from which Christ drank at the last supper, before the twin stone tablets, upon which the ten commandments were inscribed... by the almighty Lord were two Godskins bestowed upon man.

In the second year after the end of World War Two, the first of the dead sea scrolls were found in the eastern Judaean Desert, buried inside the caves at Qumran. The scrolls were early Hebrew manuscripts, of the books of the old testament. Apocryphal books, Jasher, for example, were also found with these manuscripts. An apocryphal book is a religious writing, which although inspired, was never included in the Judeo-Christian canon, of accepted holy literature. As referenced in Joshua and Samuel, of the thirteen ancient history books mentioned in the Bible, the book of Jasher is the only one that still exists. In this history, beginning with chapter seven, verse twenty four, is given in detail the chain of possession, of one of the Godskins.

Some believe that Eve was buried in her godskin, so that she might retain the beauty, with which she was endowed in life. The garment of Adam was handed down, until it fell into the hands of Enoch. Towering over the Golan Heights is the highest mountain in Israel, Mount Hermon. This mountain, according to scripture, is where two hundred fallen angels descended, the Nephilim, who sowed their seed among women of earth. The Godskin protected Enoch's body, in his struggle against the Nephilim.

The patriarch Noah inherited the Godskin from his grandfather Enoch. According to the book of Noah, from his very birth, the appearance of his flesh was blindingly bright, and his eyes like the rays of the sun. Noah needed the blessed skin to appear normal. This explains the canonical passage from Genesis chapter nine, verse twenty-two, when Ham is said to have seen his father unclothed. This was one of the few times when the Godskin had not been worn by Noah.

Noah's other sons had to bring him clothing, because Ham left that tent, with more than an eyeful... he also walked off with the garment of Adam. The skin was eventually bequeathed to Ham's descendant Nimrod. While dressed in the holy relic, Nimrod became nearly invincible. It gave him great strength, according to verse thirty in the same chapter of Jasher. Nimrod became a mighty hunter. He built altars, where he offered animal sacrifices to the Lord. He rose rapidly in the ranks of the military, undefeated in battle against the enemies of his clan.

The Godskin makes one final appearance in the old testament, as the Technicolor dreamcoat of Joseph. Of the twelve sons of Jacob, Joseph was his favorite. Jacob gifted his favorite son, with the so-called "long coat" of distinctive coloration.

The clothing enhanced the power of Joseph's dreams. He dreamed of a future, in which he became the master of his brethren. So his brothers stripped him of the garment, throwing Joseph into a pit. They brought home the blessed skin, to prove the end of Jacob's favored son. As if it was buried in his stead, at this point in history, the Godskin disappears.





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