Stanford Kentucky Abductions of 1976


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This is the true story of the Stanford Kentucky Abductions of 1976. Like the most personal of violations, the event would continue to reverberate through the lives of its victims, long after the end of the bicentennial year. On January 6th, three women were taken hostage, and subjected to a terrifying encounter with alien beings.


It was Mona Stafford's 36th birthday. Her two best friends, Louise Smith and Elaine Thomas, took her out to dinner at the Redwood Restaurant. Not a single drop of alcohol was consumed. They left the restaurant, at 11:15 p.m. at night, in Louise’s car, a Chevrolet Nova which was 10 years old. Just outside of Stanford on Highway 78, the women witnessed a glowing red object, in a clear night sky. Mona, with her unobstructed view from the passenger seat, thought it was a plane, on fire.

As if drawn to the car’s headlight beams, the object began to move closer. It appeared to pass them over head... but then it turned around, and followed them from behind. By this time the identity of the object was clear to all three. They described a gigantic object, shaped like a disk, with a dome on top, and a series of blinding red lights around its edge. The speed of the Chevy increased, and Elaine said it was a good idea for them to run. But Louise said it was hardly she who was accelerating, and that her foot was on the brake, not the gas pedal. When the speedometer reached eighty-five miles an hour, Louise cried she could no longer hold the car on the road. Mona reached over to help guide the steering wheel. It seemed to be locked in place.

Although every window of the Chevy was rolled up, the inside of the car was being filled with a misty fog. The mist was scalding to the exposed skin of all three women. They said it burned so badly, that none of them could open their eyes. This is when they blacked out. Eighty minutes later, they woke up inside the vehicle. Louise drove the girls home. The next morning, she called the police.

In addition to the burns they received, the incident seemed to have a permanent hazardous effect upon their health. In the weeks and months that followed, all three women would develop a habit of chain-smoking. They all lost excessive weight. They could not gain it back… and they also reported periodic bouts of ferocious thirst, which no amount of liquid would satisfy. They wanted to know, what happened in that period of missing time, and so gave their consent to undergo regressive hypnosis, at the hands of a professional. The sessions were conducted by Dr. Sprinkle, a psychiatrist who put his practice on hold, so that he could travel to Kentucky from the state of Wyoming, to interview the victims, after placing them under trance.

Under hypnosis, Mona recalled the alien face of one of her abductors, as a warm liquid was applied to her face and body. She said her abductor was about 4 feet tall. Elaine remembered the same treatment of tepid liquid, and a metallic device shaped like a noose, which was dropped around her neck. If she tried to speak, the noose would tighten painfully. Louise said of the alien who examined her, that its hand, looked like the end of a bird wing. She said she was examined on a cold metal table. One thing common to the testimony of all three, is that the aliens had no mouths. Their orders were communicated to the women, by means of telepathy.

On the same night, multiple UFO sightings occurred in adjoining counties in Kentucky. Reports included a flying object shaped like a saucer, whose edge was ringed with red or orange lights. In the area where the abduction is estimated to have taken place, at 11:30 p.m., a married couple observed from the window of their house, an enormous glowing object passing over the township of Stanford. Another local homeowner, says that he witnessed a craft, flying unusually low in the sky, which seemed to direct upon the ground, a search beam of white light.

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