Jenni Rivera Still Alive?


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Is Jenni Rivera still alive? By the age of 43, in the Spanish language, she had become an entertainment institution. As a singer she was a hugely popular. She was a star of reality television, and a TV show producer. Rivera was about to cross over to the English language market, when in 2012, in the Mexican state of Nuevo León, her plane disintegrated on impact with the earth... but what if there was evidence, that Jenni wasn't on that plane.


Jenni Rivera was born in California, to Mexican parents, who were fully naturalized US citizens. As an artist, she took on a male-dominated musical genre, to become the Diva of Banda. Banda is a musical ensemble... mostly wind instruments of brass, performed in the style of a Polka. In the beginning, she was frequently refused bookings, at venues throughout her home state, because she performed this music... but after earning eleven Latin Music awards from Billboard, and selling more than 20 million records worldwide, Rivera became the highest-earning Banda singer of all time.

According to the New York Daily News, in the days and months preceding the aviation accident, Jenni was performing at parties for a powerful narcotics cartel, Beltran Leyva. She was rumored to be trapped, in an abusive relationship, with the Don of this cartel, Edgar Valdez Villarreal, also known as "El Barbie." Valdez had relationships with many notable women. However Rivera was a feminist, and her family still maintains these rumors were false.

It was believed by some of the superstar's fans, that Rivera knew she did not have long to live. On December 8, 2012, the Diva of Banda held her final concert at the indoor arena in Monterrey, Mexico. This event was videotaped, and the fans point to her sad demeanor, just prior to the show, and the fact that the stage was in the shape of a giant crucifix, and because the last selection that she performed, was the song, ""Death of a Lady".

Soon after departing from the airport in Monterrey, air traffic controllers lost contact with the Learjet, which Jenni had chartered for her next appearance, in Mexico's capital city. The wreckage of the plane was located within twenty-four hours, but the cause of the crash was never determined by the authorities. Also, the body of Jenni Rivera was never found.

Rather than having planned her own disappearance, some fans are convinced that she was taken hostage on the orders of la Barbie. The owner of the plane, Christian Eduardo Nunez, had been under investigation for many years, for suspicion of trafficking narcotics on behalf of the cartel, even though during her lifetime, Rivera herself had released a statement, denying she had any connection whatsoever, with organized crime.

There are additional pieces of evidence that Jenni is still alive. Earlier that year, although she was still a young woman, the Diva had her attorney draw up her Will. She usually traveled with her young son, but on this plane trip, the young man was conspicuously absent... and there is a recording, of a conversation between an air traffic controller and the Learjet pilot, which took place one hour, after the confirmed time of the accident.

Others believe that Jenni Rivera was the victim of a curse on a reality show, the talent showcase, "La Voz México". Jenni was a contestant on the same show as Gibran Martiz, a promising male singer, who was taken hostage, by armed men wearing police uniforms. According to the authorities, the singer subsequently lost his own life, in what they claim was shootout, between the police, and political malcontents, in the state of Veracruz.





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