I See Another Dimension Now, And It Scares Me (Parallel Universe Proof)


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I see another dimension now, and it scares me. Parallel universe proof may be elusive, but there are several ways to slip into an alternate dimension. Some people conduct research to uncover the secret location of a portal. Some are unfortunate enough to wake up one day and find they have been transported to a parallel earth. But ever since the invention of the automobile, others have driven to another dimension, against their will. This is the story of Pedro Oliva Ramirez, who drove his car through a highway space warp. portal.

Pedro Oliva Ramirez is a highly educated man, a successful industrial engineer living in Spain. He was on a business trip in Seville, that Spanish town most famous for its barber. On a Sunday night at about 11:15 PM, he was returning to his rented room, in the town of Alcalá de Guadaira. Although the country road was narrow it was a trip of only 12 miles. Ramirez had driven the same old road dozens of times. It wound through the hills, and there were no other routes turning off it. But after rounding a familiar corner, he found himself on a six lane highway.

It should not have been there. The highway ran perfectly straight, for as far as the eye could see, in front of him as well as behind. On his left he saw an industrial complex. On his right he saw oddly shaped high-rise apartment buildings, 20 stories tall. He was afraid to stop, because the environment reminded him of some foreign country. Other cars were passing him, at high rates of speed. They were big, big like cars from decades ago, as if there had never been a fuel crisis. The foreign cars came in only two colors - white or beige. They had black rectangular license plates, which looked nothing like the plates issued in Spain.

Suddenly some kind of transparent force field appears to block the road in front of him. It reminded him of a soccer net. As he approached this luminous barrier, the climate in his vehicle increased in temperature, heating up like the inside of a microwave oven. Then Ramirez heard a disembodied voice, the voice of a woman, which sounded to him like a recorded message. His car had passed harmlessly through the luminous barrier, and the warmth inside the vehicle subsided.

He drove for more than an hour, before stopping. Leaving his headlights on, he got out of his car to examine the shoulder of the highway. The belt of green grass was of uniform height... exactly 2 feet. Next he observed the traffic that still pulsed along the highway. The huge cars passed only at regular intervals. One auto cruised by every eight minutes. They were all on a schedule. They were automated. Were these cars driving themselves, Ramirez wondered.

He drove on for another hour until at last an exit appeared. It bore a foreign-looking sign marked with places that Ramirez actually knew... Malaga and Seville. He decided to return to Seville. He took that branch and drove another 30 minutes. He then stopped his car a second time, to look around. When he looked out the driver's window, he was surprised to find himself just outside his small apartment in Alcalá de Guadaira. A trip that normally took only a half hour, he had endured for three hours and five minutes. He used up enough fuel, to have travelled more than 125 miles.

Ramirez repeatedly tried to retrace his route, but he could never find the six-lane highway. It did not appear on any map, and when he questioned some local residents, they said they never heard of it.

Some believe that Pedro Oliva Ramirez was transported into the future. Five years after his incredible journey, the Autovia was built, route A-92, a six-lane highway that runs from Seville to Malaga. The only question is, just how far into the future did he travel?



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