How To Summon A Demon Safely (DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME)


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This shows you how to summon a demon safely. People behave like conjuring a demon is a bad thing. Yes, there is a small chance that the demon may temporarily appropriate, the body of the summoner for its own purposes, or it may succeed on a more permanent basis, in physically exchanging places with the summoner... but these hazards are almost always the result of a lack of attention, to the details of the invocation ceremony.

Satanists have been afforded, a remarkable opportunity in the 21st century, to practice their art, without the interference of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. The church, rife with scandal, is in no position today to mount a second front offensive, against their longstanding enemy, the hordes of Hades. Today the resurgence of Satanism can be seen everywhere, from the lowly employees of the local coffeehouse, to the office holders, of the highest political positions in the land. This may be the perfect time for the layman, to plum the mysteries of the dark arts.

Different demons grant different favors. The summoner novice, also called the adept, must first determine which particular imp, is most likely to grant his wish, with the least amount of risk. The demon Vassago is the third in command, of the army of Satan. Vassago has the deceptive appearance of an angel. He has at his disposal, the infernal spirits over which he rules, numbering between twenty individuals, and twenty-six legions, depending upon the number needed to grant the adept's request. This hellion is described as a prince of good nature. All history is an open book to Vassago, and he may be conjured to reveal events from the past, as well as detailed predictions of the future.

Sitri is the demon master of desire. This fiend appears at first, with the body of a leopard, and the wings of the griffin. Within seconds he will assume the shape, of a perfectly formed human male, like a Greek sculpture brought to life. A woman may ask him to enflame any man's love. A man may ask the same, of the woman of his choosing. If it is demanded of the demon, Sitri can also persuade the object of one's desire, to disrobe.

For those who yearn for riches, it is Clauneck who may grant the wealth of one's dreams. The fiend Clauneck, is known to be a personal favorite of Lucifer. Like the free market of capitalism, this hellion has no morality. He will offer advice on the trafficking of human organs, as easily as if he was asked, about the selling of lemonade. Clauneck specializes in attracting large sums of money from sources in foreign countries. He also has the knack, of finding buried treasure.

In the old days, the adept would conjure the demon in order to trap it, inside the prison of a pentagram, drawn upon the floor, demanding its favors in exchange for its release. Today's satanists teach it is safer to treat with respect, devilish imps of all stripe. The hellions want to help. The summoner should next locate the sigil associated with the demon he would petition. Every imp has its own sigil, or symbol. This symbol should be hand copied by the penitent, onto the media of his choice, be it parchment, or cured animal hide, or twenty pound white bond paper. He will also need red candles, and incense with a pleasant aroma. Any incense may be used, but the cheaper, acrid variety should be avoided, as the stench will be repugnant to evil spirits.

The summoner should find a quiet place, where he will not be disturbed, preferably at night. He should fire up the candles, and the incense, meditate upon the sigil, and repeat the name of the infernal servant.

The demon may appear in one of three ways. He may be seen through the smoke of the incense... or his image might be seen only as a reflection in a mirror... or he may appear in solid form, in full view of the adept. At this point a negotiation will begin with the denizen of Hades, as to what offering will be asked of the conjuror, in exchange for the favor of the demon.





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