Deals with the Devil stories... alleged to be Real


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These are deals with the devil stories, which are alleged to be real. The author J.K. Rowling may have literally sold her soul to the devil in exchange for the popularity of her Harry Potter book series. Rowling is reported to have said, she owes all her success to Lucifer.

General Jonathan Moulton was a famous soldier of colonial America. As reward for his service to our country in the American Revolution, he was granted a vast amount of land in New Hampshire. He was suspected by the townspeople, of selling his soul to the devil. In exchange, Lucifer was said to visit Moulton's mansion on the first of every month, to fill the general's boots with gold coins. According to the legend, Moulton devised a scheme to sweeten the deal. He removed the soles of his boots, and cut a hole in the floor above his basement. Over the hole he nailed his soleless boots into place. When the infernal one returned to keep his side of the bargain, he poured gold into the shoes until the basement was full. Upon discovering the General's deceit, he took back all the coins, and burned the mansion to the ground.

Oliver Cromwell, the ruthless Lord Protector of England, led a military effort to overthrow the king, and his success, was attributed to a deal with the devil. After he captured the Irish town of Drogheda, he ordered his troops to slay thousands of soldiers which had already surrendered, as well as all the men in the civilian population, including Roman Catholic priests. Cromwell passed away on September 3rd, 1658. That night a massive storm swept across the land, later dubbed Oliver's Wind, which was said to be a sign of Satan, coming to claim Cromwell's soul. The trees that fell that night in Brampton Bryan Park, were allegedly toppled by the Devil, as he dragged the English politician to the underworld.

The Holy Roman Empire spread to its greatest territory in the early 1200's, under King Frederick. King Frederick's most valued advisor was Michael Scot, a famous black magician of the Middle Ages. Before Scot would host a dinner for his friends, he was said to dispatch his demonic familiars to the courts of foreign countries, to retrieve for his guests, tasty dishes from the royal kitchens of England or Spain.

When required to travel over water, Scot is said to have summoned a sea monster from the depths, which he could ride across an ocean. Over land he would ride a demon horse, which once aided him against French pirates, which were attacking Scottish ships. Astride his demon horse, he confronted the the king of France. Scot commanded the horse to stomp its hoof. The stomping created earthly tremors, that made all the church bells ring in Paris, and the king withdrew his pirates.

Scot is said to have cheated the devil. A deal with Lucifer he made, in exchange for two wishes. His first wish, was that a road be built on his land, for the castle at Balwearie. The Devil built that road himself. If the second wish was granted, Scot knew he would lose his soul, so he sent the devil to Kirkcaldy, to weave a rope that has no end. In attempting this feat, Lucifer is said to have exhausted his powers, which is why today the people say, "The devil is buried in Kirkcaldy."

According to the TV show, Paranormal Witness, when Eric Breakfield was a teenager, he was promised his dreams would come true, by an anonymous poster on the web, if he would but play an internet game, known as "The Contract".

After signing The Contract, Eric's grades at school improved dramatically, and he became so popular that cheerleaders were competing to be his date. However the devil began to harass his family, waking his mother from bed by pulling on her legs, and appearing in solid form in his young nephew's bedroom at night. Fortunately Eric was able to break the agreement, by submitting to an exorcism at the hands of his pastor.





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