Captain of the Titanic Found (2 Titanic Survivors Stories)


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Was the captain of the Titanic found alive? This is only one of two astounding Titanic survivors stories, including a female Titanic survivor found on an iceberg. They both were in good health, and they did not seem to have aged since the wreck of the doomed ship. Why have these accounts been withheld from the public for more than twenty five years?

In 1912 captain Edward John Smith somehow survived the sinking of his vessel. But this was not known until 1991, when in the frigid waters of the north Atlantic ocean, a man was rescued from a wooden lifeboat of the same design as those which fled from the Titanic... a man who claimed to be captain Smith. At that time, the disaster itself was 79 years in the past.

However the previous year, 1990, saw the similar rescue of Wendy Cartwright, another survivor of the shipwreck. She was found on an iceberg in the same waters off Iceland. Newspapers in Norway reported the confusion of their maritime officials, including one researcher who concluded these were not imposters, because they matched exactly the descriptions of two people who were actually aboard the doomed vessel, even though they did not appear to have aged since the date of the disaster.

Wendy Cartwright, whom the Titanic passenger manifest confirms as a first class passenger, was still 36 years of age when in September she was saved from hypothermia by a Norwegian fishing trawler. She should have been 115 years old. The fishermen recovered her from the edge of an iceberg. Suffering from exposure, she was wearing the same clothes she had donned when the steamship disembarked on its maiden voyage from England, on its way to New York City. Her clothing was soaking wet. Mrs. Cartwright pleaded with authorities to mount a search for more survivors. She was especially distraught to be separated from her two sons, Neville and Willem, whom she believed she had last seen boarding a lifeboat full of other children. But the trawler which saved her had investigated the surrounding area at the same time, and found nothing. No further searches were laid on.

After her rescue the woman aged rapidly. For every day, she seemed to grow older by another month. The following February, she peacefully succumbed of old age. Her demise actually preceded the extrication of the captain from his lifeboat. The captain was once believed to have gone down with his ship. Captain Smith appeared to be in his early sixties, as he was on that day in April when the hull of his ship was breached by the ice. Like the earlier survivor, he was under the impression that the date was still 1912.

He was rescued in better health than Mrs. Cartwright. He was dressed in a clean uniform of the White Star line, of that style common at the turn of the century. The uniform looked as if it had just been pressed. He was smoking calmly, from a pipe carved by hand. He was transported to Oslo and Saether Phsychiatric Hospital, the same medical facility that had treated Wendy Cartwright. In a news release from August, his doctor announced that Captain Smith had been positively identified by a match of his fingerprints, to those found on his maritime records. The primary goal of the hospital was the treatment of the accelerated aging he now endured.

Three days before Wendy Cartwright passed away, she received in her hospital room a visitor from New York. It was her son Willem, who upon being notified that his mother was still alive had flown to Norway, accompanied by his nine year old grandson. Willem was unconvinced that this woman was Wendy, until Mrs. Cartwright mistook the nine year old for her missing son Neville. In reality, Neville had not survived the wreck.

Had these two survivors actually masterminded some kind of scam? Or were they both victims of the same disturbance in the fabric of time? No more refugees of the Titanic turned up in the early 1990's. But is that only because no one continued to look for survivors?





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