(Corey Goode) Antarctica Civilization Found Flash Frozen


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Corey Goode is the government whistleblower, who originally disclosed the existence of stasis chambers in which ancient beings are frozen in time. His most recent revelation concerns an ancient city, and all of its inhabitants, which were flash frozen at the southern pole. These are his Antarctica civilization discoveries.

Whether or not you believe that global warming is caused by man, does not change the fact that our polar ice caps are melting. As glaciers recede in Antarctica, a formerly hidden valley has emerged, at a site classified secret by the U.S. government. Using his connections with the military industrial complex, Corey Goode claims to have seen the archaeologocal dig being conducted there, by scientists sworn to secrecy.

Formerly buried under two miles of ice, an ancient city pre-dating the bible, has been completely excavated by American researchers. According to Mr. Goode, the excavation is surrounded by trees and plants that are frozen in place, looking like a video put on pause. Prehistoric animals have been recovered, mastadons and giant turtles and sloths, in a remarkable state of preservation. Buildings were found in the city, virtually undisturbed, which are constructed of a transparent, crystalline alloy of aluminum.

The scientists have determined that sixty thousand years ago, the entire city was flash-frozen. A tsunami, or a freak ocean wave which flooded the continental coast, was followed shortly by an unrelated geological turning point... a planetary pole shift, in which temperatures plummeted below freezing in a matter of minutes, preserving an advanced ancient civilization. They recovered also the corporeal remains of those who built the city. Some of the inhabitants were found huddled together. This is why the researchers refer to the city, as “Pompeii on Ice”.

In one of their transparent aluminum structures, Mr. Goode witnessed advanced technology of the ancients. He was led by a researcher, through a solid wall, and on the other side was a room that lit up as they entered. It was a library, full of scrolls.

By human standards, the inhabitants were giants, between ten and fourteen feet tall, with elongated skulls. This race of humanoids, pre-dating Adam of the biblical garden of eden, has been classified as pre-Adamic, or pre-Adamite. The giants appear to have been conducting genetic experiments, as excavations have also revealed specimens of human beings with tails.

The largest crystalline building, which scientists have dubbed the "ice castle", has a maze of rooms and corridors plated with copper, laid out like the golden traces of a circuit board, and likely meant to channel large amounts of electrical power. In the castle dungeons, were found genetic laboratories, with holding cells for different species in different stages of development. The Pre-Adamites were not only experimenting with the human genome. They were also mixing their own genetic material with ours.

A giant humanoid has extra vertebrae in his spine, and a potbelly, closely resembling the ancient depiction of Akhenaten of old Egypt, who might have been himself, a hybrid breed. Their bones were slight and their bodies lean... almost feminine. Their lifespan is suspected to have been longer than that of man, and they were more intelligent. The remains of human and Pre-Adamite hybrids have also been found in South America. Hybrids are said to walk the earth today, being the same height as men, but when venturing out in public, they must hide the elongation of their skulls.

Corey Goode believes these giants evolved on a different planet, a smaller world with less gravity, and a lower atmospheric pressure. He maintains the Pre-Adamites were stranded on Earth, cannibalizing their ships to supplement the construction of their city on the Antarctic continent, until a natural disaster engulfed their civilization in ice.



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