5 Alien Species Already Walking Among Us


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  • Spiritus Added
    As I have posted countless posts about sites of this kind, I will yet explain what is REALLY going on here. There are Extraterrestrials and then there are ALIENS. The former are what has been contacting us as our "Space brethren." Some call them "ascended masters" or "engineers" or whatever. I call them intergalactic con artists. Like the neighborhood pimp, they give out "freebies" to get the unaware goyim hooked on their scheme and "feel good" stuff. Then after they have our confidence they move in for the..."kiil." So far it is a trade off : Their technology for our "goyim." It's been that way since Eisenhower met one of their leaders on the tarmac at Hollaman AFB in 1954. They promised us cures for diseases and advanced techno;ogies in exchange for our "expendables." for their Island of Dr. Moreau- type experimentations. Ike said no dice as it would throw our economies into a tail spin. They went on with their plans without our say hey have been with us since Biblical times as they live in, on, and over the Earth for many eons. They claim a right to us and our Earth. These are intergalactic "pushers." They are like the Nazi experimenters on the holocaust victims. The reptilians are the worst and they have confronted us at Dulce base in New Mexico. The latter are the true aliens. They are not from a place, but from a time. They have traversed the dimensions of time and space and they have nothing in common with us. They are as the demons, sprites, goblins, jinn of many religious cultures around the Earth since ancient Sumeria. The ETs share a common DNA strand with us. They are corpereal beingswith flesh and bones. The aliens are not of this dimension or time and space and they are to be avoided at ALL costs. In fact, it would be best not to interact with any of then at all. Dr. Greer, take note.You are being used as a tool and a fool. Listen not to their pretty talk and promises. Your true savior and redeemer is yet to come, He is none other the Lord and savior of this and many worlds, even Jesus Christ. Accept NO substitutes